Welcome To Our Farmily:


Lifeforce Farm was dreamed into being in 2016. Sheia first came to the land in a previous role as the Farming Manager for Hemp Foods Australia. Sheia had worked in the industrial hemp industry for 7 years and felt frustration at the pace of development of hemp farming within Australia, so she grew a trial of industrial hemp on the site of the farm. After harvesting the hemp, the landowners encouraged her to keep growing on the patch, which grew from 6 x 40m beds to now over 80!

My dreaming and vision is to connect consumers with production....this is about getting to know your local farmer and entering into partnership with me :)....eating good quality, local (Mullumbimby), seasonal, and organic foods. I am passionate about local organic food, and being part of the change I wish to see in this regard. As large scale industrialised chemical agriculture is unfortunately now the 'normal', I feel very concerned about how our food is grown, how animals are treated, where it is grown and by whom, and the cost to our Earth, and I personally seek transparency in the produce we source in support of our health, as do a growing number of the population each year. This is why I chose to become 'certified organic', I only use organic practises and understand that others need to trust me in that. 

In my first year of production I learned so much, and had to come to grips with the reality of learning commercial farming at the same time as starting a farm business and balancing family life- an ongoing challenge 🙂

Farming in the sub- tropics has its own nuances, especially with an increasingly unpredictable climate...I had a few crops successess, many crop failures... I had pest infestations, and disease, droughts, cyclones and floods. I learned about succession planting, extending the season, soil health, compost tea, business planning, tested varieties, learned nursery skills, built infrastructure, installed irrigation...and put a good deal of time and energy into learning the skilled craft, and science of bio - intensive agriculture, which is as we now view it, a life - long learning and deepening.

I work with great reverence to the land, and the plants and flowers that nourish our bodies and spirits, and love to share the beauty of my farm with the community.