Your Farmher: Sheia

Born in England, of Turkish Cypriot and Punjabi descent…immigrated to Australia with my family.

I have always loved to grow plants, and had my first garden at a young age, I loved to grow flowers and vegetables – still do 🙂 Along with my love of gardening, I also have a keen interest in health and healing, I completed a Bachelor of Science with majors in clinical Biochemistry and Microbiology. However, I became disenchanted with the pharmaceutical approach to healing, and began to look for other more holistic systems…leading me to Ayurveda, TCM, Kinesiology, Feng Shui and many other amazing ancient modalities.  I have also been involved with Industrial Hemp which was my introduction to commercial growing, and coming to the land where I now farm.

Lifeforce Farm was dreamed into being in 2016. 

I first came to the land in a previous role as the Farming Manager for Hemp Foods Australia. I worked in the Industrial Hemp Industry for 7 years. After the hemp trials were complete, the landowners encouraged me keep, I did starting with 1/8th of an acre, now I have 1 acre.

My dreaming and vision is to connect you with the farm your food and flowers are grown on, and also getting to know the farmer growing for you....this is about entering into partnership with me 🙂

I am passionate about local food, and being part of the change I wish to see here. I feel concerned about how our food is grown, by whom, and it's cost to the Earth. This is why I chose to become certified organic, I only use organic practises, and understand that others need to trust me in that.

In my first year of production, I made so many mistakes and learned sooooo much as I came to grips with the reality of learning commercial farming, at the same time as starting a farm business, and balancing family life - an ongoing challenge 🙂

Farming in the sub-tropics has its own nuances, especially with an increasingly unpredictable climate...I had a few crop successess, many failures...pest infestations, disease, droughts, cylones, floods...

I learned about succession planting, extending the season, soil health, compost, agronomy (basic), business planning, seed varieties, nursery skills, built infrastructure, installed irrigation...and put a good deal of time and energy into learning the skilled craft and science of bio-intensive agriculture...which I now realise I would need many lifetimes to master!

I work with great reverence to the land, plants and flowers that nourish our bodies and spirits, and love to share the beauty of my farm.