Your Farmher: Sheia

I am a scientist, a farmher, an educator and a mother....with a background in health modalities - clinical biochemistry, plant biochemistry, pharmacology, virology, microbiology, ayurveda, kinesiology, tantra, feng shui, family constellations, shamanic ceremonial work, creative arts, plant and animal communication, industrial hemp production, and certified organic vegetable, and cut flower production. 

I have a unique perspective to share through my work from all the fields that I have been involved in, and through my travels, lived experiences and connections with my ancestoral lands (England, India, Cyprus (Turkish), and my home now here in Australia). 

I have a deep and profound love for Mother Earth, and I feel hurt when I see the degradation of our lands...I became a farmer in response to this ‘eco-despair’, because I am a solution - oriented person with a high degree of optimism...I desire to be the change that I wish to see

In the world.

Through my healing work, I realised that industrialised agriculture is not only delivering us the poorest quality food, with diminished nutrients, it is also doing it at an enormous cost to our planet. 

When our people are fed poor quality foods, our health, consciousness and ability to think clearly is greatly diminished, at the same rates as the lands... 

It is my understanding, that in order to have more people creating the solutions we require to address the destruction of our natural world, we must have high quality, nutrient dense foods, so that we are supported to be in the best of health, and the clearest thinking in order to co-create new ways. Soil grown plants, are biologically active, and have access to the full 92 essential macro and micro - nutrients and minerals, that are required by them, and also by us for peak health - (not provided in either conventional or hydroponic agriculture which comprises over 90% of current food production)...this is where I see my role is as a farmher. 

If I can provide these high quality, local, nutrient dense, seasonal foods to my local community, in a good way, that nourishes and sustains the earth...then those that consume these foods are supported to come up with their best thinking, to take action in their ‘corner of the garden’ here on Earth. This is how local, small scale, organic agriculture is of foundational importance, as a basis for creating a future more in harmony with our earth in a practical and sustainable way.