Education and Lifeforce Farm Coaching

At Lifeforce Food Gardens, we are committed to working for the improvement of the way food is produced, consumed and grown in Byron Shire NSW, Australia and beyond.

We are offering a Series of Workshops once a year – The Business of Market Gardening 101 – Dates for 2018 TBA

Part 1 – Covers an Introduction to the Fruit and Vegetable Industry

Part 2 – Covers who your potential customers are:

  • How you can access them as a new grower
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of each customer
  • Quality and Consistency of end product required for each customer
  • Population Base
  • Cold chain freight, packing and processing

Part 3 – Deciding what to grow and for whom

  • The importance of market research and finding customers before planting out your farm
  • Choosing crops to grow
  • Creating your financial plan
  • Create a marketing plan

Part 4 – Farm Mastermind Group

  • An opportunity for each student to present their farm business and ideas to the other students and teachers for constructive feedback and suggestions to ensure and support you to have the most chance of creating a successful financially sustainable farm into the future. Use the farming hivemind presence present to help us to support you in some of your farming challenges with new ideas and approaches…lets think together!


Lifeforce Farm Coaching:

Contact us for consultancy enquiries for your project…

We specialise in small scale organic market gardening…and can offer:

  1. Coaching on setting up your market garden business
  2. Tool and labour hire to set up market garden beds
  3. Support for you to create a financially sustainable farm