So, how amazing is the universe?

In my last blog, I asked for help. It had become clear to me that I have gone as far as I can in this journey alone, and in order to more fully realise my vision I need support. I’ve never been that great at asking for help, however, I knew I must…so I summoned my courage, wrote the blog – hit the send button, and burst into tears.

I have been so deeply touched by all of you that have reached out to me, to offer your support, faith and trust in me and my work, it has meant sooooooo much to me at this time! My friends, and farm-ily that have held me, and watched me grow as a farmer give me the strength and courage to follow my path – THANKYOU!

So, I want to let you know that I have had some opportunities that have arisen through the asking 🙂

I may have found myself a new business partner…and so begins a new chapter in my farming journey.

Wishing you all a wonder-full weekend

From my heart to yours,