Bee Friendly Blooms

Buying organic, local flowers supports me, to support the bees and other pollinators by growing a safe and varied food source for them in flowers seasonally.


The floristry industry is one of the most toxic and damaging to our environment globally and socially. In Australia many flowers are chemically treated and shipped here to be sold to consumers from Sth America, Kenya, Ethiopia, Holland, China. In these countries pesticides now contaminate the soil and water, and many of the farm labourers are not given protective clothing when spraying chemicals and are poorly paid and cared for 🙁 Commercial flower crops require much more pesticides, water and chemical fertilisers than most agricultural crops. Nearly 80% of commercial flowers have substances toxic to bees on them :((

There is a more sustainable option :)) organic flowers grown without pesticides, and another more popular alternative are “slow flowers”. These flowers are seasonal flowers, sold locally over shorter periods. These flowers are more sustainable as they are grown without chemicals and travel shorter distances, blooming seasonally. This is good news for bees and other pollinators as well.

So, always ask, “Where are these flowers grown, and how?”.


  1. Cut the ends off your stems at a 45 degree angle, stand in boiling hot water for 20 seconds, then place in a clean vase with fresh water. Repeat every couple of days for prolonged vase life. Remove any leaves below the water.
  1. Add some flower food if you like, here’s a natural recipe:

- 1 litre lukewarm water

- 2 tsp lemon juice

- 1 tsp bleach (hydrogen peroxide)

- 1 tsp sugar