The Business Of Permaculture Course:

 I would like to offer the opportunity for you to learn practical knowledge about what is required to start up, and run your own successful permaculture business from farmers.

This course is suitable for those who already have permaculture, and/or horticulture skills and are wanting to start their own farms, or enterprises, selling the products that they grow or produce. The tutors Isaac Robson and Sheia Kironn, have started, and now run their own farm in Byron Shire.

2019 Course Dates To Be Confirmed:

WHEN: A weekend in Feb / March 2019

WHERE: Geoff and Nadia Lawton's Zaytuna Farm, The Channon NSW - The Permaculture Research Institute


There are a myriad of decisions that you are faced with, when starting an Agricultural Enterprise...and getting some timely advice from experienced farmers in the industry can be priceless....

We would LOVE to see more successful new farmers, and so are offering:

1. A 1 hour farm coaching consultation for $80 only! 

     - Having had so much exposure and experience with this...we can ensure that your vision and plan is sound, and suggest next steps, and actions to make your project successful.

2. A 3 month mentoring program for $500 only!

     - Includes 8 x 1 hour mentoring sessions over a 3 month period, to ensure you have the support you require over a 3 month period.





Session 1: (4hrs)

In this session we cover the importance of setting clear and realistic goals to keep you on track to succeed in your agribusiness. We also cover the differences of running your farm as a hobby or as a business, and the characteristics required of a Farmpreneur.
Then we delve into creating a simple business plan that you can action, and some basics to get you started with Marketing and Branding your business.

Session 2: (4hrs)

In this session we cover farm cash flow and infrastructure requirements, as well as running costs of your operation.
We look in detail at who your customers are, where they are, and how you are going to find them.
There are a number of Sales Channels open to local producers, we cover a few below, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each:
- Farm Gate
- Farmers Markets
 - CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
- Veg Boxes
- Retailers
We also have a look at some other effects on your business such as:
1. Labour Costs and Availability
2. Weed Management
3. Pest and Disease Management
4. Sustainable organic land management

Session 3: (4hrs)

In this session we look in depth at The fresh produce Industry in Australia. We cover supply and demand in the marketplace, the role of wholesalers, providors, distributors and co-operatives.
We then look at some ways to find land, clarify land specs, and lease considerations.
We also look at supply and demand and crop selection for your size, as well as the context of your local market.

Session 4: (4hrs)

Mastermind Sessions:
We give each student an opportunity to present their Agribusiness idea to the group, so that we can 'think together', and strengthen your project's potential for success.
Field Visit - Lifeforce Farm

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Ebook Guide is coming!!!!!

After many requests, we are now working on putting together an ebook guide based on our course...Watch this space!