So, I am what is becoming known as a landless farmer…I farm in mullumbimby with the generous support of my landowners  in Mullumbimby (mulch and cattle farmers).

I came to meet them through my work in Hemp Foods Australia…I was responsible for the farming side of the business. I trialled a European variety of hemp on the site which grew well in the climate, despite being flooded twice (planted on raised beds).

At the same time, the landowners said they would like a vegetable gardens, so I started planting a vegetable garden in the first bed. After the hemp crop they let me continue planting vegetables on the other 5 beds…which became 9…then 28 (30 metre beds)!!!

It has been an enormous journey for me from home gardener to commercial grower, and industrial hemp to learning 20 + crops simultaneously, I love a challenge 🙂

Isaac has been an enormous support for the past 6 months creating infrastructure for me to grow on and in, and is now working with me in the garden.

As more and more people do not have access to land at this time, we are finding new ways within our communitites to provide win win solutions that benefit us all. Primarily by providing local, organic, affordable produce…moving the scales back from chemical agriculture to small scale sustainable farms providing a better world by being the change we wish to see….I am inspired always by Mahatma Ghandi who bought down the British Empire in India by harvesting salt traditionally as his ancestors had always done…peaceful action.

I am now farming 1/4 acre, and am looking for more land to farm to add to my production. Anywhere from 1/4 acre up to 1 Hectare…Must have good access to water, and ideally no history of chemical use on the land. Clear exchange agreements on the use of the land etc. will be provided for clarity and harmony.

If this is of interest to you please contact me…