More Floods! We’re getting used to it now…and have worked out through trial and experience which plants don’t mind the floods and which ones do…So, we receive very little crop damage despite the conditions due to our choice of what we plant, where.

The zucchini’s above, were seedlings and went underwater in the cyclone flood in March, they have not shown any sign of their underwater adventure being adverse to them! And we are still harvesting off them (expecting to finish very soon).

We are often amazed at the resilience of the crops in the garden, we have some WILD storms in Mullumbimby!!! And then I am reminded how ancient these plant beings are, and how much more time they have spent on this Earth than us…always humbled.

We are so loving being able to feed the community in which we live through our local outlets, and through offering our Lifeforce boxes. The reason this is soooo exciting to us, is that we would like to see cert. organic produce being offered more affordably, and this is one of the ways we can actually fulfill our mission practically.

I started growing food gardens seriously after I had my second child, as I felt so strongly about providing real food, free from chemicals to my family…yet as a young mum I simply couldn’t afford the Cert. Organic prices in the local stores in Byron Shire, so I started growing food gardens around my home, and my neighbours to provide more home grown produce…so this is an issue which is very close to my heart…to make organic food affordable for everyday folk,
not everyone’s response will be to start a farm 🙂

We can offer certified organic produce more affordably because you are buying directly from us, rather than a distribution chain. It is more sustainable as it is grown locally, organically and seasonally. Presently we estimate that you will receive savings from $5-10 per $30 box , and $10-15 per $50 box on the comparative retail certified organic value!