This week has me travelling to Denmark to visit and learn from 4th generation Hemp Farmer and founder of Endoca, Henry Vincenty –

I am also an industrial hemp grower, and am passionate about growing industrial hemp for medicinal purposes in Australia, despite the many political / legal challenges we face from Australian authorities to grow this magnificent plant due to their ignorance of the difference between Industrial Hemp and Marijuana.

Marijuana and hemp are different varieties of the Cannabis Plant. Hemp is naturally low in THC, therefore does not have the psycho-active properties that is associated with Marijuana, and has been grown around the planet for food, fibre and medicine for milllenia. In recent years there has been much investigation by the public and also the scientific community into the medical benefits.

Scientists have identified approx 500 phytochemicals in Hemp plants, a special sub-class of these are known as cannabanoids – they are found to work directly on our innate endocannabanoid system – yes we all have a system of cannabanoid receptors located throughout our brain and body…..These cannabanoid receptors when stimulated facilitate communication between the brain and body activating the bodies own self-healing mechanism.

High CBD hemp oil is naturally high in CBDs, which is used increasingly internationally to treat epilepsy, various neuralgia’s, cancer’s and many other serious health conditions safely, without any toxic side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs, or being ‘stoned’.

Truly a gift of nature!