This week I had my onboarding call with the Mentoring Scholarship I won – Rare Inspiring Birds to begin the process of matching me to a Mentor. One of the questions I was asked, was how is your lifestyle? what do you do outside of work? I have been asked this numerous times in various contexts, and always answer with, Farming IS a lifestyle.

Farming is not a job like any other, you do not get paid by the hour, public holidays, sick pay etc. plants and animals need care-giving regardless of whether it is convenient for you…it is a huge responsibility having life depend upon you, as anyone who has kids or pets, or cares for another, can attest to. Your life flows with that of the life on your farm in a different kind of rhythm, that is more closely bound with the seasons, and the needs of the life there.

Many people are attracted to farming, because they love nature, being outside, and growing, and they want to do something positive for our Mother Earth…it is this that they choose. As a new grower it can take some time to get your head around what farming entails, and how to get enough rest and recuperation despite the demands of seasonal work.

Farming is for the vast majority labour intensive…which also has its advantages, in terms of lifestyle…I no longer spend long hours on a computer indoors, needing to move my body and connect with the Earth in my free time…now I reach the end of my work day my time in the evenings is spent in rest and relaxation…my body happy, and my work productive.