(Picture above is of a Power Harrow)

As minimal till farmers, we will only till the soil when breaking new ground and establishing permanent raised beds.

Once the beds are formed we prefer not to till, as this has serious problems with creating compaction and hard pans in the soil as well as contributing to soil erosion and turning up weed seeds.

So when we are turning over already established beds, we remove any of the last crop residue…. then we tarp the beds for 2-4 weeks…then broadfork the bed.

After which we add the compost and any other ammendments…..Then we use the Power Harrow attachment on the 2 wheel tractor to mix the soil with the ammendments to make a seed bed ready for direct planting or transplanting.

The power harrow is unique because of its horizontal mixing action, so instead of inverting and pulverising the soil, it has horizontal turning arms which results in a mixing of the top 1 inch of the soil leaving the rest of the soil and ecology underneath undisturbed.