Nasturtiums are such generous plants…they are super easy to grow….they grow abundantly and prefer part shade, (though will cope in full sun if watered)….nitrogen fixing (provide nitrogen to the soil)…pest deterring….and you can eat every part of it …the flowers, the leaves and the seeds (seeds are capers).

I am using them in the gardens to cover a variety of functions:

  1. I grow them as a green mulch to reduce water loss and weeds
  2. To provide a habitat for the insects, bugs, nature spirits and other living beings that make up the living ecosystem at the gardens
  3. As a companion plant for zucchini’s, (nasturtium’s are a great companion for many vegetables and fruit trees)
  4. Nasturtiums help deter aphids, white fly and root pests due to their strong flavour and perfume
  5. I use the flowers and leaves in my salad mixes
  6. I enjoy the variety of colours and markings inside each flower and love this plants friendly presence – so beauty-full!