Winter has arrived in the Byron Shire, our last share was at the beginning of Autumn.

So, firstly – HUGE NEWS! We have moved, and are very grateful to be care-giving a farm in Main Arm owned by a local family (also a grower), in a long-term lease. Moving home, and moving our farm infrastructure has been exhausting, and chaotic – packing boxes, and packing greens all at the same time 🙂 However, we have now arrived, and are super excited for this new phase of our farm. We will be expanding production in Main Arm, as we continue to grow at our farm in Mullumbimby. Below is a picture of the paddock that is destined to become a flower and veg farm, and in the background are nurseries that I feel thrilled at the thought of filling up with plants 🙂

Secondly, we have had to cease supply to some of our local retailers in Byron Shire at the moment, as we are finding it difficult to make some of our retail sales channels work for us financially and logistically. This decision is not made lightly, and has caused Isaac and I much heart-ache. The vision of Lifeforce Farm was to be able to grow, supply and feed our LOCAL community :(( We have trust that an opportunity will once again arise in the future where we are able to make this a reality. We do still supply some retailers, as well as the multi-farm csa, and local veg box’s all listed further down this email.

Thirdly, due to all of the above, we have now started selling at Palm Beach Farmers Market – Gold Coast, where we have been enthusiastically received by the community of foodies there. This is not an ideal space for us, as we are forced to compete against resellers who source produce from Rocklea Markets in Brisbane each week. However this challenge has offered us an opportunity to connect directly with those who are buying our produce and we have been greatly encouraged by our new customers, whom are supportive when they realise that we are actually the farmers, and grow everything that we sell at the markets. We trust that our authenticity and transparency in what we do, will continue to attract the support we need.

The crops at the farm are growing beautifully…farming at this time of year in our climate is just such a pleasure. We are in the midst of crop planning at the moment as we diversify what we grow to meet the farmers market demands. I often share photos and video of the farm on our social media links:

We wish you a wonder-full July – hope you get out into your gardens, and enjoy the season!