I am a ‘no-dig’ gardener, which means I do not dig the earth…why?

I am a believer in following nature’s natural rhythms when it comes to gardening, and anything else πŸ™‚ nature always provides a cover to bare soil with living plants and organic matter. By digging we disturb the soil structure and all the creatures and microbes that live there, as well as activating weed seeds….healthy living soils are the foundation in a no dig system.

Mulch is an integral component of a no-dig system, providing ground cover, water retention, and eventually as it breaks down…new soil πŸ™‚ To prepare new beds in a no-dig system, I add a layer of compost, and/or manure, and any other inputs (biochar, agnihotra ash) Β to the surface of the soil (without digging it in), add mulch to that…it is as simple and easy as that!