Well, it’s been a HUGE month for us, we are gaining more local outlets and support – Yay!

We want to stay close to our vision of being able to provide our food and flowers locally…as we are locked out of the local Byron Shire ‘Farmers’ Markets, we have had to find ways to make our business work differently, and ways to get our produce out to the community in which we live. Naively when we began the farm, we just thought that by growing affordable, local, organic food –  local businesses and the community would preference buying our produce over inter-state / non-local produce (we are competitive in pricing)…however, this has not been our experience, it has taken a good deal of investment, and committment in our farm and products to make it work.

A few months ago, I won a 12 month mentorship program with Rare Inspiring Birds 🙂 I have now been appointed a mentor, and have begun working with her. Sara is an Agribusiness Executive for the Commonwealth Bank in the Riverina region of NSW…and she has oooodles of experience with building business, and supporting others to do so. I have found mentorship to be so important since I began farming, and now being able to have my own mentor to bounce ideas and run things by is invaluable.

We are now cultivating 0.5acre in salad production, we are still learning so much about the crop, and fine-tuning our systems through the seasons – as we grow year round, there is always more to learn! We are also growing coriander, kale, seasonal veg(cucumbers, cherry toms) and cut flowers. I have been especially loving growing cut flowers – many for the first time for me, it is so exciting to watch them grow and bloom. This month we have a 40m bed of Queen of Anne’s Lace in flower, the bees and insects are loving them, and we also supplying them to the local florists we work with Braer Studio. I am also planting more cut flower beds to trial in the next few weeks.

We have also had the Byron Community College Micro-farming course students out for a site-visit, to talk about what we do and why, it is always great to talk potential new farmers BEFORE they embark on their projects, and we hope to offer more education and consulting opportunities in the future.

Wishing you a wonder-full month of growing!