This week I want to talk about seed saving…we do not do very much of it in the gardens, partly because of the labour, space and time involved…. our beds are always needed for production….however  occasionally we have a really good small crop that we want to save seed from, in the case above it was a crop of Champion Collards that we are saving the seed from, and the bees are now buzzing around.

So why save seeds? Well for a few reasons:

1. They are free, nature’s abundant offering…certified organic seed are expensive…and awesome to share around…

2. When plants live in a particular environment successfully they adapt to it and produce seeds that are perfectly adapted to do well in the same site!

3. To feed the bees 🙂

4. To protect plant diversity

If you are interested in saving seed then please contact the Byron Hinterland Seed Savers…they are having an event with Bruce Pascoe soon…