I tend to use shallots frequently in meals for my family in place of onions, so have decided to grow them as one of my produce lines. They have grown fantastically well 🙂 

Onions are regarded as Pitta increasing, and whilst shallots are a relative of the Allium family (Allium – Onion, Garlic, Leek) their action is milder….often used in soups, and especially as a spring tonic (hayfever etc.) Shallots can help remove excess phlegm from the body, as an anti-inflammatory, and also helpful in high acidity conditions as well as having many other amazing health benefits.

I love Ayurveda and have loosely followed the dietary lifestyle guidelines for 20 years now to maintain health, balance and energy for myself and my family.

( Btw -I recommend the Mudita Institute in Mullumbimby for all matters Ayurveda)