I am very happy to let you know that I have been selected with 99 other female entrepreneurs Australia-wide to receive a 12 Month Business Mentorship scholarship, funded by the Federal government with the ‘Inspiring Rare Birds‘ Program :)))

I had no idea when I started our organic farm in Mullumbimby that we would have to fight for market share with distributors and wholesalers, AND educate our customers and the general public about the need to support local small scale organic farms, and create new ways to distribute our products to support more regional local food for all of the benefits that brings …naively I assumed that local businesses, cafes, restaurants etc. would be delighted to be supplied by our local produce and would seek and prefer to buy from us….after all a few of them advertise that they source their produce locally…sadly, we found out that this can mean that, in one example that the business only buys bananas from the farmers markets for their smoothies, and purchase everything else from the local wholesaler (not organic, and majority not local) whilst advertising that they purchase from farmers 🙁

We have needed to learn and develop our production systems as well as establishing ourselves as a business, which has its challenges…I am looking forward to the new perspectives, network, support and professional guidance that this mentoring will bring.

We would also like to say a big thankyou to Santos Mullumbimby, who are now stocking some of our produce lines…grown less than 2km from its doors 🙂

And this week we would like to welcome Mushroom Abundance, (Farmers Jamie and Cleeve ), into our co-operative and collaborative group of growers that are supplying your boxes with local yumminess…….Whilst their mushroom growing setup is not certified organic, they are growing their mushrooms organically in Main Arm, and we are delighted to support them and offer their mushroom abundance to the Lifeforce community in our box service. So, we hope you enjoy…please send us photos and / or recipes with what you created with yours!