So, why is it so important to buy food from local farms, that is grown organically..?

I have pondered this question deeply, since beginning my farming journey. One of the biggest changes that we have had in our urbanised communities in the past few generations, is that the majority of the population are now not consuming food grown locally or organically. This has many profound impacts environmentally, socially, and for our health.

We have the choice of many foods and fruits that are grown around the world, and imported to our local stores, through sophisticated distribution systems at huge cost to the planet, and our health. We have become accustomed to the idea, that we do not need to eat seasonally any longer, as everything is available all the time.

The effect of this, is that we have become somewhat disconnected from our bodies nourishment needs, from nature, and our local environments. Our bodies respond to the changing of the seasons as well. Nature is a wonderful provider, she gifts us what we need to eat to maintain balance, in attunement with the seasons. Eating what is local and available, assists you to maintain harmony in your health, throughout the year.

By choosing local produce, you will be eating food infused with the medicine of the land upon which it has grown.

The plants  harvested from your local region, have accumulated important knowledge in the form of plant biochemistry, trace elements and minerals, and native microbiology during their lifetime. This locally grown, organic and alive, produce, when consumed by you, becomes you – literally.

Plants grown locally, have coped with the stresses of the lands, and the climate in which you are living…they have adapted and thrived in this environment. By consuming these foods, you are imbibing all their accumulated knowledge, and medicine into your body. This in turn supports our immune and digestive systems to be healthy and strong.

In this way, you are aligning yourself more closely with the immediate environment where you are living. Eating locally grown produce assists you to maintain health, wellbeing, connection, and balance throughout the seasons, wherever you are on this wonder-full Earth.

Buy Local – Eat Well – Smile Often