We Did It…We are very proud to announce that we are now 100% certified organic, after completing our 1 year successfully as a certified organic in-conversion farm 🙂

We are firm supporters of national organic certification. It provides a minimum professional standard that organic growers must agree to adhere to, and that our customers can recognise. We find that it actually makes us better farmers. Many farmers believe that they should be able to run their farms without record keeping, or administration…without accurate records, and systems, it becomes very challenging to create a successful farm business, as many mentors will tell you. And sure, at first we had to create new habits around recording what we are doing to provide transparency for the certification body as well as our community and customers…and now we have accurate data for our farm, and it has become part of our systems, which is actually very useful.

Having Certified organic status also gave us an edge over other producers in the area. When we first began growing we were committed to becoming certified and thought we would sell everything we grew in the mean time, and were excited it was all spray free. Unknown to us at the time was that several other growers had beaten us to it, the spray free market was saturated, leaving Cert Organic status the only way to sell our product locally.

As we become more and more aware of some of the unsustainable ways that much of our food supply is grown….customers everywhere nationally, and internationally are seeking out farms and farmers that are more sustainable and we see growing organically, as one way this can be done and which can be verified independently, and recognised nationally.