Hello…apologies for missing our monthly blog for the past few months
It’s been very busy in our world, between the farm, running a small business, and parenting – never a dull moment around here 🙂

Summer is finally over and autumn is here, which means we are planting out the farm with our baby leafy green crops and putting in our winter seasonal crops of veggies and flowers.

We have our seasonal autumn flower seedlings in now and growing. As well as:
baby leaf kale
baby leaf asian greens
salad mix
burgundy okra

Our field crops are doing so well now, with our yields consistently improving, we are ammending all our growing beds with compost and other organic ammendments – In Byron shire, our soils are generally lacking in calcium, boron and to a lesser extent magnesium – we use soil testing to ascertain what is required. As a certified organic farm we put a lot of emphasis on feeding our soils, so that our crops have access to all the trace elements required for optimal health. This is part of the reason that many small scale organic farms claim that their food is ‘nutrient dense’, as the plants can only contain beneficial nutrients and trace elements if the soils that they grew in did too. This is also a major reason why we as certified organic growers do not support hydroponically produced foods as being a healthy product.

Earlier in the year, Isaac and I put together and ran our first “Business of Permaculture” course at the Byron Community College, which we thoroughly enjoyed to an enthusiastic group of students. We are keen to share the course more widely, to ensure that new farmpreneurs have every opportunity to create successful projects – more detailed information on the course can be found on our here.