There is no history of CSA in Australia, however, we have models and definitions from other countries…Traditionally a system in which a farm is supported by local consumers, who purchase pre-paid shares in the farms harvest, for the purpose of buying regular local fresh produce and sharing the risk…whilst providing regular financial support to the farm.

We run a CSA project, which we have adapted from its traditional model…to meet and respond, to the rising cost of living and working in Byron Shire for our customers. Who do not all have the available funds to purchase their shares a season in advance, and wish to support our farm and what we do in an ongoing way…for which we are endlessly grateful!

This Lifeforce CSA program and model supports our community to eat affordable, local, organic produce which is available as a convenient automatic weekly box subscription, purchased online whilst still supporting our farm to continue to grow awesome food and flowers in loving care of our Mother Earth.

1. AFFORDABLE – you will save approximately 30% off your fresh produce weekly bill

2. CONVENIENT – automatic weekly subscription payment

3. HEALTH – you and your family will benefit from eating local, seasonal, alive foods

4. ENVIRONMENT – Support our local organic farm, based on permaculture principles to produce your food sustainably for the good of Mother Earth, and as a real alternative to industrialised, chemical agriculture and the corporatisation of food.

5. EXCLUSIVE CSA community – we grow for you!

6. CONVENIENT pick up from Mullumbimby, or South Golden Beach

7. ZERO food miles – reduce your environmental impact in a real way

8. SUPPORT – we rely on local community support to exist and thrive in the region and all the challenges this brings when relying on the weather :)Which supports us to keep providing affordable, organic produce to you, despite our climate changing.

In other news this week, I have finally got around to compiling our Lifeforce Recipes into an eBook inspired from the gardens…we are giving it away to our Farmletter subscribers, which you already are…so I will send it to you by email as a Gift, so please look out for it!